I’m a 54 year old male and I’ve had cancer for over 10 years. My cancer, multiple myeloma has caused severe damage to my bones and muscles. Over the years, I’ve developed many side effects due to the cancer treatments. I have taken countless medications to help with the side effects but they have instead caused additional side effects. I have received several essential oil blends from  Monica for headaches, bone pain, restless leg and most recently for neuropathy and they have successfully relieved my symptoms.

Toby Romero

I was very skeptical about using essential oils as I have always been a devotee of western medicine.  I was encouraged to “give it a shot” and so I started with something as simple as lavender oil in a diffuser.  It brings on a feeling of relaxation and I find that I fall asleep quickly when using it.  Because I suffer from asthma I then tried a breathing blend…and I did breathe better and was able to sleep without coughing or using my inhaler.  I also use Frankincense (I love to smell it) to assuage my asthma symptoms and I also like to smell Lemon oil.   I use her sore muscle relief blend for muscular pain in my neck area and it does bring relief.  I have her snoring blend to use on my husband’s big toes to prevent snoring but I have to admit that I haven’t tried that yet!

Cecile Biery

I am so happy that Monica has introduced the healing effects of essential oils to me!   Two bulging disks in my back have plagued me for over eight years.  After three different epidural injections I realized that injections were not going to be more than a temporary ‘Band-Aid’ for my back pain.  Monica created a blend of oils for me to use that have really offered me wonderful relief!  I roll it on (sometimes too much, because I like the smell so much!) and I am able to enjoy a better night’s sleep.  I am also able to wake up for my 5am walk and/or workout each weekday morning without any initial morning pain.  I have lately been using the same blend on my wrists, so that I am able to play tennis without the aches and pains of, what my MD has referred to as ‘over-use’, or arthritis (really?!).


My two children each have their own diffuser in their rooms that they request different oils for, depending on their needs.  My husband and I also have one in our room that I have going every night…depending on our needs as well.  Lastly, I now use lemon oil in my morning glass of warm water…using real lemon was beginning to cause issues for my teeth!  Thank you Monica for being so knowledgeable AND accessible.

Anne Rapp

I periodically have Planter Fasciitis. Once applying essential oils for three days it completely cleared up with no need of orthotics or cortisone shots.

Bud Biery (Dad)

I spent three weeks in the Biery household as a guest.   A few months later, I am celebrating how easy it is to implement the things Monica taught me by just being in her presence.  I now feel so much better about myself.  I feel more powerful and am aware at how dangerous poor nutrition is, plus how terrible our mainstream American eating style is.  She woke me up to how good healthy recipes taste!  I had no idea, I really didn’t know how easy it would be to transition into taking care of myself this way.  It has been no problem, at all, and the best thing is that I WANT TO TREAT MY BODY THIS WAY!

Norah Dykema, Tucan, AZ

Let me start by saying, I’m not much of a writer.  But when Monica asked me to write about the benefits of using essential oils, I asked her if I could write more and explain all the incredible information she has shared with me and my family.  Monica Biery is an Angel here on earth.  A few years ago our son went through a couple of hellish years caused by a suppressed immune system.  He was being treated with chemo for leukemia and the chemo destroyed his natural defense system.  Long story short, it was so bad he contracted a virus that no medicine could stop.  He was accepted into a clinical trial and flew back to NY.  The good news was with T cell therapy they were able to stop the virus. The bad news was he was still on a feeding tube and still sick to his stomach every day. UGH


There is something about being a Mom and watching your kid throw up, that just rips your heart out.


Talking with Monica one day after we were back home from NY, she suggested putting elderberry in his feeding tube. She said it was all natural and was worth a try.  I had never heard of it, but started adding it to John’s (our son’s name) liquid food. In a couple of days John was not throwing up. Hallelujah!!!!!  It was completely life changing for him and slowly but surely he was able to start feeling like a regular 28 year old again.


Monica did not stop there with other great suggestions.  She then shared with us the benefits of essential oils.  Another something I had never heard of.  I started using them for aches and pains from too much tennis.  Super helpful for weekend warrior pains.  Now they are being used by everyone in our family.  My husband was a skeptic, but he saw (and smelled) me using them and tried it for hip pain from too much golf and he too felt the relief.  Wintergreen is a natural anti-inflammatory and we both have felt the results of using these oils.  We are just getting started. I understand there are many more oils and many more uses.


Monica is very intuitive and I believe a natural healer.  I am blessed to call her my friend.

Betsy Ackler

I would like to share my healing experience, I’ve experienced with Monica Biery. I shared with Monica one day when we were talking how I have restless leg syndrome and how I have taken several different medications to help me, resolve my restless leg syndrome, nothing was working.  The doctor said there was no cure.  He said he can give me something to minimize the restlessness in my legs, nothing was working.  She said she had an oil remedy that may be able to help me.  I have to share with you.  I no longer have the restlessness in my legs, it’s completely gone.  I have other stories where she had advised me on using healing oils. Thanks to Monica, she has a vast knowledge of Homeopathic healing remedies, she really knows her stuff.

Rebecca Estorga

I am so grateful that I met Monica from Balance Within. She has transformed my whole life into a healthier one. I did the 10 day cleanse with her through Yoga Shala and that helped me to let go of the extra weight I did not need. I also learned to eat organic and plant-based foods on a regular basis. I also love all of the products that she sells. For household, I really like the mirror cleaner and hand soap. Everything smells amazing and is non-toxic. Her oil blends have helped me with numerous health problems such as headaches and concussion recovery. I used her essential oil blends throughout the day on my wedding day to stay calm and balanced. Her self-care products such as lip balm and face/body scrubs also smell amazing and work really well. Her Biery Family Farmacy in East Sac each weekend also provides me with fresh produce and other fun products. Thank you so much for all that you provide to the community! I can't wait to try more of your products and services.

Amy Fish

As I began my journey outside of the house after having birthed my daughter, I luckily came across Monica and the Mindful Momma’s Circle. From my very first visit, I found Monica to be a captivating mentor in all things of living a healthy life, being an extremely intentional example of a mother, as well as being someone who works towards a conscious life. Her loving and simple perspective on motherhood is refreshing amongst a world where parenting is overwhelming. Just being around her makes me want to be my best in all the aspects; and what more can you ask for in a person. 

Lots of love! Bethany and Versha Porter

Monica is an amazingly, authentic and sweet woman, person, professional, and friend. She goes over and above on so many levels... a truly caring individual that I appreciate so much. She’s so quick to respond when a client has questions for any clarification or special needs. So happy to be connected.

Jill Bernard, WellBEing Resource, 916-538WELL, Linktr.ee/iLoveWellBEing

I have known Monica Biery since 2013 when I took an Essential Oils class she taught.  Since then, I have learned so much from Monica about essential oils, reiki, yoga, the Truth of who I am, plant based nutrition and how medicinal food can be.  I attended an in-person support group that Monica facilitated in Summer, 2019 and through her guidance, knowledge and wisdom have been able to regain much of my health.  The information, structure and products that she recommended and the nutrition guidance helped me reverse Type II Diabetes, lose weight and heal much emotional trauma experienced in my life. 


But those accomplishments were not just due to Monica’s highly intelligent mind or her deep sense of intuition and compassion.  Many healers have such talents.  But Monica has something very special.  There is a quality that runs deeply through her soul that is the embodiment of Unconditional Love and positive regard for all living things.  Her relationship with Nature ties the ethereal with all life on the planet, which makes her the most beautiful and gentle Healer I’ve ever known.  I believe that is why her oil blends are so effective.  I have used them and given many to my family and friends. I have even used them with my traumatized students and staff and have always had wonderful outcomes.


I don’t believe you will find a more reverent, loving, and gifted healer than Monica.  And I am so grateful and humbled that the Spirits would send me in her direction.  


I honestly want to end this testimonial with an “Hallelujah,” as it is translated as “to praise joyously,” and Joy is what it feels like when you are with Monica.

Judy Boers

Being a first time mom is never easy, so many people push their opinions on you. Sometimes you feel alone because people around you don’t have the same mindset as you. Sometimes you have questions and don’t know who to ask. When I got the invite to Momma Circle I knew I had to go. It is that place between your family and strangers, you build bonds with other mommas and your kiddos are invited to get to know other kiddos. This group has made being a mom more than ok, it makes being a mom amazing. Thank you for creating a space that we all needed and had something to look forward to each week.

Meli Thomas

Monica has always been an inspiration in my life. Since I met Monica in her Mindful Momma Circle her demeanor on it’s own has been healing, however combined with her knowledge and logic, she creates an opportunity for others to see for themselves what they need. I can say that she has done this for me for years now from the mommas support circle to answering every worried phone call, she has always been there along the way, with whatever I needed to heal at that point in time, to help and support my process and to offer everything from healing oil mixture to a wise listening ear. Monica is and always will be a powerful healer in my life.

Sabrina Soares

I have known Monica Biery first as one of my yoga students, and then she quickly became a close friend who I turn to for advice. She is a wealth of knowledge and an example of living in balance. She is an inspiring mother who centers her life around her family. She honors and protects and cares for the earth. She shares the food that she grows and the recipes that she creates with all who ask her to. Her heart is one of the biggest that I know. She is a scholar and deeply studies plant medicine, holistic remedies, and is knowledgeable about all the systems in the body. She knows what foods to eat and which foods to stay away from. She knows this not only from her studies but she practices what she preaches, it is through her experience of many years of living holistically. She is the real deal. Working with her is a pleasure and a gift to yourself. She will be there along your healing journey as a loving guide and wise teacher.

Biffy Cotter

Over the past years, Monica has been the greatest asset to our class series in our Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Course. Monica`s expertise and in-depth knowledge, her compassion and openness to feedback, continue to make her an integral part of our evolving curriculum. Monica cares deeply about her students and provides a safe and non-judgmental environment for all students. Well prepared and guided by her intuition, Monica inspires and motivates. At the end of Monica`s classes, students experience deep relaxation, a sense of wellbeing and empowerment to continue their practice. We are so very grateful and fortunate for the enriching and healing experiences Monica brings to our groups.

Eva Lukas, LMFT

I know Monica from the restorative yoga work she has done with cancer patients.  She has a very positive, healing spirit, and this is reflected in the way she works with people.  My colleagues and I all think she is amazing!

Michael Mair, RN BSN

Monica is an incredibly kind and knowledgeable natural wellness goddess that I have been fortunate to both learn from and lean on numerous times in the years since we’ve met. Through her I have learned about the wide range of uses of high quality essential oils, been educated on gut health and clean plant based eating, felt inspired about food as medicine and the expansion of my own diverse garden, and learned to delight in seeing Love Everywhere both in nature and my day to day life. In everything that she does Monica radiates a welcoming sweetness and gentle invitation to more healthful living that I have been profoundly grateful to learn from. From desperately falling on my knees in her office with crazy poison oak, to taking her very meaningful workshops and swinging by the Biery Family Farmacy for some healthy goodness, I thank her from the bottom of my heart and I feel profoundly lucky to know her.

Sara Love Brown, RN

Monica is an amazing speaker with a beautiful message. Whenever given the opportunity to bring an outside speaker to my cancer support groups, Monica is my “go to” person. She has taught me and so many others practical tools on living a more “present and joyous” life. Her expertise in breathing techniques, meditation and yoga is extensive. I have witnessed her positive impact on several occasions and feel very grateful whenever I have a chance to book her as a speaker. She inspires me and so many others.

Maribeth Williams, RN, BSN, OCN

Monica is an extraordinary teacher and speaker as well. Her calming yet informative manner is so beneficial to those she works with particularly those going through medical treatments of some kind after a cancer diagnosis. She is passionate about helping others learn the practice of yoga, mindfulness and the positive strengths of aromatherapy. I highly recommend Monica’s classes and also her one on one information for individual needs.

Ann Chrisler, RN

Monica’s oils are one of a kind, the blends have her warm healing energy infused with all the goodness of the plants. My favorite is the “Calm” oil which always helps me when I am feeling anxious to settle and release the tension. I really look up to Monica as a woman and mother. Whenever I have any questions or just need acceptance and support for being the person and mother I am she is always there. I go to her mommas’ group for the love and support I find there. She is truly a special person.

Cierra Moulton Dickson

I purchased Monica’s ultimate-home-medicine-cabinet essential oil kit and I am so glad I did. I literally have all her best blends in one place whenever I need, it even goes on vacation with me! I use these high-vibe healing oils every day, and I am so grateful to Monica for her expertise and loving intention in every bottle. Monica is an extraordinary teacher and speaker as well. 

Steph Dodds

Monica is one of the most powerful healers I have worked with. Her wealth of knowledge of the body, essential oils, plant based nutrition, motherhood and rearing children is endless and she makes it all easy to understand and applicable for you and your unique circumstances. I started working with Monica after I had my son and was in the depths of my postpartum anxiety. She walked me through so many challenges with unconditional love and wisdom, strength and courage. She empowered me as a new mother to trust myself and trust my body and to honor what was happening in me rather than “diagnose” it. She helped me normalize my experience and in that supported me to a deeper awakening and healing. She is someone I call on to this day whenever I have questions in regards to my health or wellbeing. She is an incredible woman and an authentic healer. 

Annie Fox

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