What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic means relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than analysis, treatment, dissection of individual parts. Therefore, holistic healing refers to the integration of body, mind, and spirit and bringing these aspects into balance. The holistic perspective views the human body as a whole unit made up of intricate systems that depend on one another to function efficiently and optimally. Although food is the foundation of holistic nutrition, proper digestion is required for the optimal use of nutrients consumed. Poor digestion is the precursor to many illnesses and diseases. Therefore, the health of the gastrointestinal tract is critical to holistic healing. Poor gastrointestinal functioning can have a significant impact on body, mind and spirit for a multitude of reasons. While the human body has an innate ability to heal, it needs the proper environment to do so. This includes both internal and external environments.

Monica has learned through working with hundreds of people on their healing journeys that too few people honestly believe that they deserve to be healthy, happy and well and many feel overwhelmed by it all. Monica believes that wellness can be simple. Science can be simple, too. All people have the right to know how their body works, why symptoms arise and how to heal it. She also wants to remind you that you have agency over your mental, physical and spiritual health; that your genes do not define you, rather you can turn them on and off with your lifestyle choices. Monica guides you through the process of deeply caring for all parts of yourself, and to relax and have fun along the way. She encourages you to allow yourself to trust the innate wisdom of your body. Monica’s personal journey has taught her that true nourishment goes beyond the foods we put on our plates, it also includes our relationship to those around us, and most importantly, the relationship we have to ourselves.


Monica’s passion is to serve the community by supporting individuals to find a way to nourish themselves in a deeper way – mind, body and spirit. Monica believes that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs must all be considered when creating optimal health and offers a "food as medicine" approach while listening to and respecting the intuitive wisdom of the body. Her goal is to guide you to create new routines and rhythms to create the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. The journey to nutritional recovery takes time, patience, diligence and practice. One has to be ready and willing to put in the effort and when they are Monica guides and supports them every step of the way.

Monica’s passion for prevention and wellness is expressed in her health education programs centered around whole foods nutrition and lifestyle changes, such as mindfulness and stress reduction, as key factors for maintaining long term health. In her holistic nutrition practice she educates clients on the benefits of using a whole foods approach to nourish, heal and cleanse the body. As an expert in gut health and whole foods nutrition, Monica supports clients with chronic illness as well as those thriving in wellness. She emphasizes choosing organically grown whole foods and food based nutritional supplements whenever possible as nature is always the best health insurance policy.

In her courses topics include:

•       The science behind a plant-based diet
•       The role nutrition plays in chronic disease
•       How to rebalance and heal our gut microbiome and hormones
•       How to improve mental clarity and sleep
•       How to implement whole food, plant-based meals
•       The impact of food production on the environment
•       Trend diets, including gluten-free, low-carb, paleo, keto, etc.
•       How government and industry can affect dietary choices
•       Common topics of concerns to athletes such as protein consumption

The human gut is the largest barrier between you and the outside world, and it is also your largest interface between that outside world and your own systems. It is no wonder why a healthy gut is the best predictor of outcomes when it comes to human health and disease. Supporting a healthy gut is also your best line of defense to building a strong immune system. There has been no better time to invest in our health. Quality food is not expensive. Medical bills are expensive, missed days at work are expensive, prescriptions are expensive but the most expensive thing of all is missing out on the wonderful life we all deserve because we do not feel well. When we provide the proper nutrients for our bodies, we give them the power to heal themselves. When we align ourselves nutritionally, our bodies and minds come into balance. When we are balanced we come into our natural state and our natural state is peace. You deserve this, we all do.

"All disease begins in the gut." Hippocrates

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