"By merging science and soul, we achieve our most profound healing."

Monica L. Biery

About Monica

Monica holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and a Juris Doctor. She was broadsided on her way to work which caused torn ligaments in her neck that eventually led to an “unsuccessful” neck fusion surgery. Her surgery was over 25 years ago and she became fascinated with the body’s innate wisdom and ability to heal. This was the catalyst for a complete shift in her educational focus to the study of the uses and benefits of essential oils, plant medicine, and nutrition.

Monica is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Plant-Based Nutritionist, EFT Practitioner, Aroma Therapist and Yoga and Meditation teacher. She realizes that everyone learns and heals differently which compelled her to study many different healing modalities that are beautifully complimentary to each other. She has many interests and hobbies including cooking, gardening, beekeeping, knitting, reading, paddle boarding, surfing, spending time with family and friends and as much time as possible in nature.

Monica has three children, ages 21, 19 and 12 and they have never taken prescription medications or antibiotics. Monica creates essential oil blends for relief from stress, insomnia, digestive issues, hormonal issues, headaches, side effects from pharmaceuticals and cancer treatments as well as many other ailments and concerns.

Mission-Values - Vision

We are in a climate where creating optimal health has never been more important. Monica is passionate about helping others to reconnect and to trust in their body's innate wisdom and to remind them that they are designed for health. Our bodies are never wrong, bad, or broken. When we experience pain, discomfort, or symptoms we have a potent opportunity to open to the lessons being presented. They are powerful messengers inviting us to delve into a deeper relationship with our body, mind and spirit. Our bodies are always speaking to us in the only way they can, through sensations. They tell us exactly what we need to hear. The invitation is to be still and quiet enough to listen as all of the answers to our own healing are within each one of us.

Balance Within

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