About Monica

Monica BieryMonica is an aroma therapist and a Reiki Master, is certified in plant-based nutrition and teaching yoga. She holds a degree in Economics and a law degree and has many interests and hobbies including cooking, gardening, beekeeping, knitting, reading, paddle boarding, surfing and spending time in nature and with her family and friends.

Monica underwent an unsuccessful neck fusion surgery over twenty years ago which is what initially led her to studying the uses and benefits of essential oils. She has three children, ages 19, 17 and 11 and they have never taken prescription medications or antibiotics. Monica creates essential oil blends for relief from stress, insomnia, digestive issues, hormonal issues, headaches, side effects from pharmaceuticals and cancer treatments as well as many other ailments and concerns.

Monica combines all of her interests, talents and education and is committed to helping others realize the magnificence of their bodies and the belief that they are designed to be healthy. She carefully examines all of the factors of her clients’ lifestyle to design an effective and sage routine for wellness of mind, body and spirit to produce the results in any area of life that will create balance and personal success for them.